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1999 Volunteer Bug Jam, Sunday
Sunday morning starts with a free Vendor breakfast at the front gate. Coffee, juice, and Hardee's breakfast biscuts. Under the Big Top Tent we showed vidoes of last year's Schwimmwagen demo in the lake, let the kids try their hands at painting the Paint-a-Bus, and had several folks on TV with thier VWs by all 3 of our local TV stations. Sunday's events included a Bikini Contest for Jr's and Sr's with cash prizes for the winners. Cash prizes for the Nerf Ball Ralley and Back Up Jack Relay winners. A third Engine Blow, a 160HP VW engine run on a Dynometer and race for RC cars.
We also held a commerative service for our VW friends no longer with us. One of which is Kenny Ashley, who built this years giveaway rail. You are sadly missed Kenny, but your rail has found a good home.
Awards ceremony begins at 3PM with Cash Awards for all "Best of" classes including the New Beetle class. We have almost 40 classes for all makes of VWs and give 3 very distinctive hand made trophys for each class.
The show ends with our drawing for our Giveaway VW. This is the 6th VW we have gievn away, and the 99 VBJ giveaway was a Sand Rail complete with trailer. The lucky winner owns a 200 acre farm and was very pleased with the rail.
The NSVWA staff wishes to thank all those who came to this years show. We experienced a much larger turnout that expected this year, and will make sure to plan for your comfort and enjoyment, as this show grows to on of the largest on the East Coast. We promise to keep this show interesting and weet the needs of the VW Enthusiast.
Forever Air,
Tom Underwood



Photos By Andrew Humphries

Photos by Tom Underwood