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About the N.S.VW.A
2 carsThe National Street Volkswagen Association is a group of long time VW enthusiasts dedicated to giving the VW scene the kind of shows you deserve. The N.S.VW.A started in 1990 as a local club in the East Tennessee area. Quickly the club grew and expanded to a national club in 1997. We have many dedicated followers and put on two great shows every year.
The beginning of our club was back in High School in 1971. We had a group in our school that owned VWs called the Beetle Bridage. This was when speed and lots of cubic inches were what every 16 year old wanted. Our little bugs were laughed at by the guys who got to drive Daddy's Caddy and Momma's Mopar. But that didn't stop our numbers from growing.

Hey, that was a car we could afford on our paper routes and part-time jobs. Didn't have to beg for the keys, and $2.00 worth of gas would give us a weekend of freedom. Some of our group dorve old beaters, some guys got new bugs fresh off the showroom floor. We had a great time doing the stupid things you do to your first car, and the bugs faithfully rolled.

After High School the Beetle Brigade only lasted a few years. We tried off and on over the years to get another club started, but there just wasn't enough interest to keep another club together.

Fast forward to 1990, some of the old members from our High School days got together and formed the Southeastern Type 3 Club. We all owned Type 3's and had 15 running cars at the time. After realizing that a Type 3 club had very little chance for growth, we decided to open membership to all VWs and do our first show. The first Volunteer Bug Jam was in April 1994. We became the National Street Volkswagen Association that same year.

We had been to many shows over the years and felt something was lacking. Our club and show was driven by the need to do more for the VW Lover. We started to add an element of education, entertainment, comfort, and plain old fun, with enough different events that there is something for everyone. Our first show had a "Run what you Brung" at a local drag strip and we gave away our first VW. We still giveaway a VW every year at our summer show. Today's Volunteer Bug Jam is the trend setter on the East Coast. We offer a show that is consumer friendly and setup for the Enthusiast's enjoyment. This combination has been successful for us and we intend to keep meeting the VW scene needs.

Forever Air,
Tom Underwood
Director NSVWA

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